Hi there,

I'm Jeff Appel.

I am a Sr. Product and Experience Designer. 

Manufacton Materials Manager

Persona-driven resource manager for construction procurement teams

Dice Candidate Match

Northstar product design using AI match services 

Dice.com Homepage

B2C homepage overhaul, reconceptualization, and redesign

Olde Town Pickin' Parlor

E-commerce redesign for responsive web

Cloud Elements

Improving the onboarding UX

Bird Scooters

Concept project for Denver's newest transportation option.

Effective UI

Content and branding projects for Denver-based UX agency

Cloud Elements

UX writing solutions for the developer onboarding process

"Eventually everything connects--people, ideas, objects, etc., ... the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." 
--Charles Eames

I bring an extensive background to design that includes design thinking and strategy, user interviews and research, interactive design, and UX writing and copywriting. I meld those components into a seamless user-centered process that connects humans to ideas, to objects, and to each other. 


I love to read and to learn. Concerning my uber-nerdy theoretical interests, I enjoy reading and thinking about the philosophy of technology, cultural theory, media theory, and semiology (or the study of signs and symbols). I am preoccupied with the relationship between the things we create and use, and how human memory changes in relationship to them.


Less esoterically, I enjoy making music, doing dad stuff with my kids, drinking good coffee, and wandering around used bookstores.


Regarding tools, I am comfortable with just about anything that's out there: Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS, Principle, and many more. 

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