Hey there,

I'm Jeff Appel.

I design world-class products and experiences. 

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UX / Product
LoHi Marketplace for Vorto.ai

Marketplace progressive web app for trucking industry professionals

Manufacton Material Manager

Dashboard and productivity manager for material procurement teams

Manufacton Productivity Tracking

Revamping real-time productivity tracking tools for mobile and web

Dice Candidate Match

B2C product design using AI match services 

Dice.com Homepage

B2C homepage overhaul, reconceptualization, and redesign

Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements

Improving the developer onboarding experience

Olde Town Pickin' Parlor

E-commerce redesign for responsive web

E-commerce redesign for responsive web

Olde Town Pickin' Parlor
Bird Scooters

Concept Design for Denver Scooter Platform

Concept Design for Denver Scooter Platform

Bird Scooters
"Eventually everything connects--people, ideas, objects, etc., ... the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." 
--Charles Eames

I bring an extensive background to design that includes design thinking and strategy, user interviews and research, interactive design, and UX writing and copywriting. I meld those components into a seamless user-centered process that connects humans to ideas, to objects, and to each other. 


I love to read and to learn. Concerning my uber-nerdy theoretical interests, I enjoy reading and thinking about the philosophy of technology, cultural theory, media theory, and semiology (or the study of signs and symbols). I am preoccupied with the relationship between the things we create and use and how human memory changes in relationship to them.


Less esoterically, I enjoy making music, doing dad stuff with my kids, drinking good coffee, and wandering around used bookstores.

Regarding tools, I am comfortable with just about anything that's out there: Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS, Principle, various hand-off tools, etc.

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